Supported Independent Living

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides a variety of solutions that are designed to help individuals with their daily life. This includes supported independent living or SIL.

SIL NDIS South Gippsland services are used to provide people support with a variety of personal care requirements. This could include:

  • Getting washed
  • Preparing meals
  • Shopping for food
  • Managing medication
  • Keeping the home tidy
  • And more

SIL providers can also help individuals build up their independence while ensuring that they continue to live safely and comfortably.

If you are interested in learning more about this type of supported independent living services, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 1300 875 377.

Who Are These Services Designed To Support?

SIL South Gippsland services are best suited for those on the NDIS who have higher support requirements. This could include individuals who require care 24/7 or one on one support provided by a professional throughout the day. It may aso be suited for those living with a disability independently in their own home. These services will help guarantee that individuals can gain the right type of support each and every day. Do be aware that if you are living at home, then Supported Independent Living South Gippsland services are only one of many available options that you can explore.

Accessing A Supported Independent Living Program Through Home Caring

At Home Caring, we do provide the highest quality of supported independent living in South Gippsland. Our aim is to ensure that everyone, regardless of disability or situation can continue to live comfortably and happily in their home,

All of our team members are trained and experienced with a wide range of disabilities and chronic conditions. As such, they will always be there to make sure that you have the support that you need and require. This can include help with daily tasks that are crucial to your independence. As SIL Providers, we can provide services like this in the comfort of your own home. This means that you can access the best NDIS supported independent living services in an environment that you are familiar with and where you feel safe.

Our NDIS SIL services are completely client focused. This means that you never need to worry about being provided with solutions that you don’t need or that won’t support you in any real sense. For instance, we can offer support with social activities, access to your local community, help with cooking and cleaning as well as various other options that you may be interested in.

At Home Caring, we have worked to develop an approach to SIL which provides the greatest benefits to the client. This means that we take the time to understand who you are, what you need and who we can help you accomplish your objectives.

As SIL providers, we are friendly, compassionate and caring, striving to support you every step of the way and provide you with any answers that you need about your care plans.

Why Choose Us As Your NDIS SIL Providers?

At Home Caring, we understand that we are not the only NDIS SIL providers in South Gippsland, but we do strive to provide the best possible answer for those who require this type of support. We are adaptable to all your needs and will work to provide the right solution that you require every step of the way.

We are also experienced in dealing with a wide variety of support issues. This means that you never need to worry about struggling with getting the support or answers that you need.

We empower you to achieve the best possible life you can, ensuring that you never feel alone or isolated due to your situation. Instead, we’ll always ensure that we are ready to provide the right helping hand in any situation.

If you are interested in learning more about the SIL services that we provide at Home Caring, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. A friendly staff member will be able to assist you further and ensure that you have all the information you require.

NDIS Support Independent Living FAQs

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The cost of this service will depend on a variety of factors including your income, please get in touch for more information and support with managing your budget.

Who Is This Service Suited For?

NDIS SIL South Gippsland services are suitable for anyone who has higher support needs due to a disability. It is available for individuals who live alone or in a larger shared accommodation.

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